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Friends and Family,


If you are visiting this site, it’s because you were touched in some way by Peggy Sauerwald.  On December 5 she passed away after a 10-month battle with pancreatic cancer.  It would have been impossible to know Peggy without realizing her kindness, generosity, and gentle spirit.  Whether you knew her for a short time or for a lifetime, you were touched by those qualities.  She was completely devoted to two things: her family and music. 


Her devotion to family was demonstrated when she unquestioningly followed Dave with their 3 children to Hong Kong .  While there, they started a few businesses and had one more child before returning to the states 10 years later.  Although we know there were very difficult times adjusting and being away from family, she never once uttered a negative word about that adventure.  On the contrary, she only spoke of those exciting but trying times with a smile and a fun story.  I believe that for Peggy, it didn’t matter where in the world she was as long as she had Dave and her children by her side. Being happy with her family was the only way she knew.


Her devotion to music came only second to her family.  Peggy was very proficient playing violin, viola and cello.  She played as a young woman.  But she gave up playing to focus on raising her children.  However, music never left her. She returned to her instruments after her children were mostly grown and she never looked back.  Peggy became very involved with the Aliso Viejo symphony in California and played in a quartet there for many years.  Her fellow musicians became her family and loved her as we did.  In 2004 Peggy moved with her family to North Carolina and immediately began seeking out music again.  She was quickly embraced by the Chapel Hill Philharmonia, and also began playing chamber music.  Once again, the musicians she played with became fast and close friends.  Playing music fed Peggy’s soul. And during this battle with cancer, it helped keep her fighting as long as she did. 


Her two devotions were intermingled as well – she blessed all her children and grandchildren with music.  They are either pursuing music as a career, playing as a hobby or at the very least appreciating music on a daily basis.  Her love and devotion for music and family will carry on forever.


There is no way that a few short paragraphs can convey the importance of her life on those she touched.  She was an amazing woman who will be remembered always.  May the memories we all have of her stay strong and bring us comfort.

Memorial Service :

* Sunday, January 4th

* 1:00 - 5:00

* Peggy's Home

   510 Oak Bluffs

   Pittsboro, NC. 27312


The service is a casual open house so feel free to come anytime between 1:00 and 5:00.  There will be an area set up for chamber music.  If you'd like to play, please feel free to bring your instrument and fill Peggy's home with music once again.



Margaret Ann


1938 - 2014
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